COACHING- Individual  or Group Coaching

Label Identifying

Jazzmin aids women in leading a productive life by identifying, accepting, changing and moving in the correct mindset in order to release the negative self-talk from her client’s lives. By removing these negative concepts, Jazzmin then helps her client apply the right understanding of who they are and whose they are in order to direct them towards a life full of purpose and destiny which has dubbed her as the Label Crusher.  Through her Label Coaching Services, you should expect to have a clear direction, wisdom, and an action plan concerning the label or labels in your life.


Consulting is offered to clients who have a specific idea or several ideas that they would like to construct in a book, however, they lack the clarity and guidance and “know-how” to develop, prioritize and take action towards implementing them.

The consulting process allows for a series of one-on-one session with Jazzmin in order to;

  • Get clear about your goals. This may include getting clarity on why you want to write, who you want to reach and what effect you want to have on people.
  • Develop a plan for success, so that you reach those goals.
  • Create a system for:
    • Taking action each week to reach your goals
    • Having accountability to support your success
    • Addressing any challenges you’re having in meeting your goals and overcoming any roadblocks to achievement
      Learning from “mistakes” and turning them into opportunities
  • Assess your progress and make any necessary changes to your plan.
  • Organize and develop your book or book proposal.
  • Improve and polish your writing—and can edit your work and teach you to be a better writer.

Clients are placed on a 3-6month retainer, based on the extensiveness of the project and the allotted time a client can put towards the book project.

Book Writing Bootcamps are available for clients who want to work at their own pace with a serious of webinars and group online session for 4 – 6 weeks with Bi-weekly check-ins.

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