“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he”

Proverb23:7….  Do you realize that most people allow a single word or label to define themselves, their capabilities, and their future in a negative way? As a result, there is a growing amount of Christians living a life of bondage to “Labels” which are causing them to forfeit their birthright in Christ and not live the way he created them. Jazzmin Jackson shares with the reader practical, scriptural insight on how to give a frontal assault on these misconceptions strategically placed in the life of the believer by understanding the seven labels that hold individuals back and the seven labels that launch them in the direction of purpose. Through this process, you can expect each and every word or label to be given its rightful place so you the reader can act in accordance with your designed purpose to your fullest potential with the Grace and Mercy of Jesus Christ, the Authority of God the Father and the Power of the Holy Spirit

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