A couple of weeks ago, my husband woke me up and told me to start my day with exercising in the morning before the kids wake-up. Ladies I was super excited that 1> my husband is encouraging me to workout and 2> he volunteered himself to watch our 3 boys if someone woke up before I got back. All of my married readers can really understand how this is a great moment. So, I jumped out the bed, put on my workout gear, and ran out the door before my husband could come to his senses.


As I started my run to the park, I noticed that rain clouds were forming in the sky. However, going back was not an option with this miracle of being able to work-out without asking.  I thought to myself, “I hope I can finish my run before it starts raining”.

I got to the park and the park was full of people exercising. I wasn’t there for 10 minutes when I notice small drops of water hitting my shoulders. At this point, no one was bothered by the rain. Yet, that was not the case 10 minutes later. People slowly started to leave. The park was still full of hopeful exercisers on a mission. 5 minutes later, the rain got a little harder and I noticed only a handful of runners on the trail. 5 more minutes pass, the rain continued to come down harder as only 6 of us were still determined to finish our run. Finally it started pouring and I realized I was the only person running in the rain. I looked at my calorie counter watch and I had only burned 200 calories. I do a minimum of 300 calories burned with each exercise session, so I decided I wanted to burn to the calories more than I want to be dry.


I ran more 10 minutes until I reached my calories burned goal and I notice someone else was running with me. They could see my determination (they watched me from their car) and decided if I could endure the rain and discomfort they could as well.


That’s when the Lord asked me.. “Are you willing to run in the rain for me”  and I answered yes!

Why RUN???

When we decide to run toward Christ in the midst of the rain of life we perfect his will and inspire others to do the same. At the end of my run I burned my calories to reach my goal in the midst of changing environment. In the same way we must run toward Christ to reach our goal in him.


Paul tells us to run this race in such a way to get the prize. Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever. Our strict training is daily devotion and quiet time with Christ in order to know and hear God more.

In order to be a true Champion for Christ, we must be able to run towards Christ even in a storm knowing our destiny outweighs our current difficult situation. This means we must be able to run alone. It is ideal for us to always have a support system, but the bible continually shows us sometimes everyone can’t handle, believe, or is willing to sacrifice for the cross.  David ran alone when he killed Goliath. Ruth ran alone when her husband died and she followed a Jew (mother-in-law) even though she was a Moabite to a foreign land. Esther ran alone when she entered the court of her husband without an invitation, and Jesus ran alone to the bear the cross. In the same way you must want a deeper experience and relationship with Christ. I could have easily stopped like everyone else when the rain started pouring, but I wanted more from my body. The bible tells us wide is the way to hell and destruction, but narrow is the way of Christ and eternal life.


So are you willing to Run in the Rain?????

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